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The Faculty of Management (FoM), Tribhuvan University has its ultimate objective of educating students for professional pursuits in business, industry and government. In the process of realizing this goal, FoM has developed and administered number of programs to cater the demand for professionals in the job market. Along with core business administration programs such as MBA and BBA, FoM has successfully implemented industry-focused courses such as MBA-IT, MBA Global Business and MFC, MHM and MBM at master level and BIM, BTTM, BHM and BBM at bachelor level. Introduction of new program reflecting the demand of the job market has been the strength of FoM which has put it in the forefront of the TU system. As a continuation to this tradition, this document proposes a new program: BBA (Finance).

There are primarily two motivations behind the new program. First, finance industry is the rapidly growing industry in Nepal and it is expected to keep up the pace in the foreseeable future. The banking industry, though has shrunk in number in last few years has been rapidly been expanding in terms of volume of business, branch expansion and employment. The growth is expected to continue in the future too. The insurance sector is also expanding; the licenses issued recently to 10 life insurance companies evidence it. The stock market has been increasing in depth and breadth. The volume of securities traded in the secondary market has increased enormously in last few years. The primary market is growing every year and new investment companies and mutual funds are entering into the market. The microfinance and finance cooperatives that number more than 10,000 within the country are in need of skilled manpower. Finally, the recently created federal structure of the country that has established more than 700 local government bodies will require skilled finance professionals. All these indicators evidence ample scope of employment opportunity in finance sector.

Secondly, a review of student preference towards finance subject also offers strong motivation for the program. In the last 10 years, 83.75 percent BBA students of Shanker Dev Campus choose Finance as their specialization course. This trend applies in other campuses as well. Looking at the potentials of the program, Pokhara University ahs already launched MBA (Finance) course. Lumbini Banijya Campus, Butwal has also started MBA (Baniing and Finance) course. These evidences (growing employment opportunity in financial sector and strong preference of students to finance subject) demonstrate the need for a new program on Finance subject at the bachelor level as well.


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