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Dear students and guardians,

Let me take this as an opportunity of welcoming you all promising youths from every corner of our geography to the BIM Program at Nepal Commerce Campus. This program is a modern days’ management program designed with an aim of producing multitalented human resources in the area of information technology to address the challenges in this rapidly changing globalized world. Due to the globalization, each progressive and future oriented i n d i v i d u a l t e n d s t o e n c o u n t e r unprecedented challenges, when faced with career cross-roads. Owing to uncertainties, a highly competitive and quality oriented learning program enriched with learner friendly but effective modern technology in the field of management studies is indeed a vital demand of the time. Our senior professors and faculties along with round the clock hardworking staff are always eager to pay to best services possible with full attention, friendly behavior and endless hard work dedicated to address the needs and aspirations of each student individually. The program consists of wide range of extra-curricular as well as co-curricular activities, designed to develop the all around personality of students. The guest lecturer series on contemporary issues, motivating continuous efforts and developing positive attitude have ever been helpful to broaden students’ thinking horizon and their behavioural enhancement. The program always emphasizes in the self-respect among the students and ensures result-oriented learning environment. I warmly invite all the interested scholars to experience a well developed learning environment available in Nepal Commerce Campus for this Program.


                 Surya Pd. Devakota

                         Director, BIM Program


Dear All,

It is my great pleasure to express some of my views on behalf of Deputy-Director of Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) Program in Nepal Commerce Campus (NCC). You are well aware about the importance and relevance of this program within and across the nation at this moment. BIM Program definitely moulds you on trends of the latest developments in information technology in the sphere of management. It is a fact that without the proper skills of information and communication, the human resources lag behind in some ways and others. Next, a nation can resist the tremendous influence of globalization only when it develops the defensive mechanism through information and communication. It is equally realized that it will be tough to compete in the global market being incompetent in handling the technology. Therefore, I would like to suggest you all to march your steps to this program to modify yourself as skilled humans to grab the opportunities around the globe.

Thank You,


Dipendra K. Neupane

Deputy Director, BIM Program



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