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The concerned faculty members will develop a detailed course outline and work plan of all courses, which will be made available to the students at the beginning of each  semester. BBA Subject Committee of the Faculty of Management plays catalyst role in this  endeavor.

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Grading Policy
In order to pass the internal & Semester examination, a student must  secure a minimum of 50% or Grade Point  Average (GPA) of 2.7. Similarly, in order to pass the  semester examination the student must secure a minimum of grade “B” or the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0.


Students failing in the make-up examination may re-register and repeat the course(s) as per the course cycle. A student may re-register his/her name only for two courses (6 credit hours) in a semester.

First Term & Pre-semester Examination
Before each semester examination, the campus conducts a first term and pre-semester examination. Students failing in the Pre-semester examination will not be allowed to sit in the semester examination.

Credit Transfer and Withdrawal
The programme allows students a chance to transfer up to 30 credit hours in similar programme of other universities recognized by TU. The final authority to decide on this matter rests upon the Faculty of Management.

Graduation Requirements
The university confers BBA degree to the students after the successful completion of the following requirements.

• Completion of 120 credit hours as prescribed with a minimum of pass grade in all courses with an aggregate CGPA of  2.0.

• A minimum of grade ‘C’ in the internship  programme.

• Completion of the programme within 7 years  from the time of registration.

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