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Nepal Commerce Campus (popularly known as NCC), one of the oldest management colleges of Tribhuvan University, was established in 2021 BS with zeal of imparting quality education in the country. Nepal Commerce Campus-NCC (also known as Minbhawan Campus) is currently offering Six different management programs. In Bachelors level it is offering BBS, BBA, BBM, BIM & BBA-Finance . In Masters level it is offering MBS & MBM program.

Nepal Commerce Campus has been playing an instrumental role in industrial and commercial development of the country by producing skillful and professional managers since its establishment. It is ideally located in the heart of Kathmandu Metropolitan at New-Baneshwor in a spacious premise. With its experienced, dedicated, enthusiastic team of professors, scholars and intellectuals, the college has already produced thousands of graduates and post graduates who are consistently working as distinguished dignitaries in various posts of civil services, private sector as well as outstanding national and international institutions.

Nepal Commerce Campus, as a leading educational institution, has its vision of providing management education compatible to changing global environment with the aids of techno-information system and committed to team of experienced professionals along with imparting practicality of textual and conceptual materials.The vision is reflective of the campus motto “CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE”.

As a semi autonomous, non-for-profit educational institution, the mission of the campus is to empower the new generation through practical and research based teaching learning processes that will enable them, after the completion of course, to achieve stability in the management and professional fields to meet requirements of different sections.


 Message from Campus Chief


  Organizations are built and run by humans, not by automatons.

Dear All,

Nepal Commerce Campus (NCC) is determined to achieve its goal since the time of its existence. The campus has stood as a formidable wall against different circumstances in its life. We are very eager to create both physically and psychologically safe environment for our learners so that they can contribute with innovative and creative ideas. We believe that our students need a mind set of 'hope for success'; rather than a 'fear of failure'. It is known to all that scared and demoralized ones cannot innovate, be creative or agile. Knowing the challenge of globalization in business and workforce diversity, we aim to produce smart business professionals who project the best image of NCC in every sector and society they involve in. In order to develop their interpersonal and other organizational skills, we involve our students in project activities, research work, seminars, presentation and group discussion.o maintain i Tts glorious history and legacy, our valued faculty members believe on creating learner-friendly environment to materialize the dreams and expectations of our students.

Thank You !!

Prof. Dhurba Prasad Silwal

Campus Chief




Message From Head of Student Welfare 

                                                                                                                                                                                                               "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself herself."      Leo Tolstoy.

It gives me immense pleasure to share some of my experiences and views as a head of student welfare in this institution. Definitely, student welfare head has some of the vital responsibilities that I have always taken seriously. We know that students are the aspiring ones having lots of dreams and ambitions and knowing that I have always been by their side to help always been by their side to help them make their dreams materialize. What I expect much from our students are their honesty and simplicity. 

As a head of student welfare, I have discharged the following responsibility: -

#Scholarshhip for BBS and MBS students. #Sports Activities. #Tours and Travels. #Extracurrucular Activities. #Orgainzing welcome/Farewell Programs. #Quiz Programs. #Literature Contest. #Social Activities.

I hope that the mentioned program and activities will definitely help students to fulfill their expectation and it also help to develop different aspects of their characters.


Thank You 

Mr. Lal Bahadur Basnet

Head of Student Welfare