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Nepal Commerce Campus (NCC), established in the year 2021 B.S. is a constituent unitary campus imparting management education in Nepal. Initially, the campus was running as a private college initiated by a tew elite people, and the Intermediate and Bachelor courses (then called I.Com and B.Com) were the program under the affiliation to Tribhuvan University. After the introduction of New Education Plan System (NEPS), the then private college came under the umbrella of TU and became a constituent campus from the year 2030 B.S.

The building and the premises of the campus is elegant and spacious and one of the best in the valley. The campus spreads over 22 ropani of land and additional four rapani of land outside the campus territory is used by Kathmandu Upatyaka Khanepani Limited (KUKL) and 19 shutters are under the college ownership in the occupied area.

Utilizing the available infrastructure, the campus at present is running Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), Bachelor of Information Management (BIM), Master of Business Studies (MBS), and Master of Business Management (MBM).

Around six thousand students are currently pursuing higher education degree at Nepal Commerce Campus with their enrollment at increasing trend. However, their enrollment at semester programs has been fixed by Faculty of Management. The majority of them belongs to the three major cities of the valley in addition to the number of students from other districts including the remote areas of the country.

The campus has enriched library, excellent infrastructural facilities, and above all a dedicated team of finest faculties. To match the current requirements of academic programs, a host of human resources (academic plus administrative) with divergent status like full-time permanent, contract, course contract, and part time have been in practice. Currently, the campus has 123 faculties (including 7 Professors, 23 Associate Professors, 9 Lecturers, 59 Teaching Assistant, 23 Part-time Teachers) and 55 administrative staff. In the past, NCC had also exhibited the stock of faculties who successfully severed TU with the capacity of prestigious position such as Dean, Assistant Dean, Controller and Deputy Controller of Examinations, and the likes. Encouraging faculties to participate in higher level studies, seminars and workshops have been a regular phenomenon of the campus. To sumup, NCC has made its position very sound making it as the most sought campus amongst the students and the guardians in the country. This has further added over the goodwill of the campus and the prestige of the people associated.

With a successful track record of five decades, Nepal Commerce Campus (NCC), a constituent campus has exclusively devoted to management education visualized the prevailing situation as an opportunity to serve the country by imparting international level education in management discipline and checking outflow of capital to meet the development requirements of sectors of the economy.

Campus Management and Development Committee (CMDC) is the apex body of the campus which finalizes the plans, policies and programs of on-going and new activities. Executive Committee (EC) is the second in the hierarchy that monitors and executes the decisions made by CMDC and also assists the campus management as facilitator. The sole responsibilities of managing the affairs of campus, in totality, lies on the Campus Chief. However, the Campus Chief is assisted by the Assistant Campus Chiefs, Program Directors, Deputy Directors, Program Coordinator, and Division Heads of administration. To the most, campus management is governed by TU rules and regulations, anyway. Outside the formal framework, the campus chief also maintains a functional link with teachers' union, students' union and employees' union for managing the campus.

Encouraging and supporting the faculties to involve in research and publication has been regular in the campus. To equip the faculties with necessary research skills. The campus, time and again, facilitates the faculties to pursue M.Phil and Ph.0 program i.e., is on rise. The campus is also helping the faculties to present empirical papers and participate in different seminars and workshops held within and outside the country. To boost, the on-line library facility provided by the campus has played a very positive role, here.

The campus has been publishing annually a journal of management and economics named PRAVAHA, for the last several years, and most recently MBM Journal. The campus library has a good collection of text, and reference books in addition to research journals (national and international). Collection of Master level theses and the relevant publications of different governmental and nongovernmental agencies have further added the strengths of library to deliver the services. Planning and implementing extra curricular activities within and outside the campus premises are done by the Chief of Student Welfare Division with approval from the campus management.


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